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London Olympic Games

In February 2011 Paul applied to be a physiotherapist at the London Olympic Games. After a long interview process Paul was selected from the 18,000 medical professionals who applied to be one of the 500 nationwide physiotherapists at the games. In May he found out that he was going to be based in the medical centre inside the athlete’s village treating the athletes! This is what Paul had to say after the games had finished.

“During the first week at the games due to my experience in elite sport I got sent out to cover the training venues as the athletes still train during competition. I looked after athletes from athletics, gymnastics, hockey, handball, volleyball, basketball and boxing so I got to see a lot of different injuries and help them return to action quickly.

During my second week I covered actual competition matches at the hockey and handball and spent the rest of the time treating athletes in the medical centre including ladies 100meter sprinter who after treatment went on to win her heat and semi-final !! Again during my time in the clinic I got to see a variety of patients with different problems and needs.

The whole two weeks seem to fly by and it was great to be part of the “games makers” programme and it was a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget. If they need volunteers for Rio in 2016 I’m ready!!”

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Here are a few photos from the games from the inside !!

Olympic Physiotherapist Olympic Physiotherapist

Olympic Physiotherapist

Olympic Physiotherapist Olympic Physiotherapist

Olympic Physiotherapist

Olympic Physiotherapist

Olympic Physiotherapist

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